Andres Iniesta SHBET Ambassador – Expanded Cooperation and Development

Andres Iniesta, a famous Spanish football player, has partnered with bookmaker SHBET. SHBET is a leading Asian bookmaker, established in 2009. With the combination of these two prestigious names, not only does it create new opportunities for SHBET in expanding and developing the market, but It also helps increase service reliability and quality. In this article, we will delve deeper into the cooperation between Andres Iniesta and SHBET, and the benefits it brings.

General information about Andres Iniesta and SHBET

Andres Iniesta

  • Andres Iniesta is a Spanish football player born in 1984.
  • He currently plays for Vissel Kobe club in Japan.
  • Iniesta is known as a football genius, with excellent technique and vision on the field.
  • He has won many titles during his career, including winning the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League.


  • SHBET is a leading bookmaker in Asia, established in 2009.
  • With outstanding services and high reliability, SHBET has earned the trust of millions of players across Asia.
  • Throughout the development process, SHBET always puts quality and customer satisfaction first.
  • They also strive to bring interesting and diverse experiences to players.

Cooperation signing session

To welcome Andres Iniesta as an ambassador of SHBET, the cooperation signing ceremony was held in Dubai on a luxury yacht. This was a special and spectacular event, marking the first step in cooperation between the two sides.

Cooperation signing session on the yacht

The event was held at TBHD Marina, a luxury marina in Dubai. This is the concentration of famous and luxurious areas in Dubai, attracting a large number of tourists and celebrities. With spacious space and a luxurious atmosphere, TBHD Marina is the ideal place to hold a special cooperation signing ceremony.

A million dollar contract

According to information from SHBET, the contract between them and Andres Iniesta is worth up to millions of dollars. This is an impressive number and shows SHBET’s interest and appreciation for Andres Iniesta and this cooperation.

Collaborate to reach more potential customers

The main purpose of the cooperation between SHBET and Andres Iniesta is to reach more potential customers. With the influence and popularity of Andres Iniesta, SHBET hopes to attract many new players and expand its market.

Bringing top quality entertainment playgrounds to players

According to Mr. Le Duc Trung, Marketing Director of SHBET, cooperation with Andres Iniesta is an important turning point to bring top quality entertainment playground to players. With the combination of existing services and Andres Iniesta’s influence, SHBET hopes to bring customers exciting and unforgettable experiences.

Cooperate in organizing football events

In addition to being SHBET’s ambassador, Andres Iniesta is also invited to participate in organizing this house’s football events. This not only enhances SHBET’s credibility, but also allows Andres Iniesta to stick around and enjoy new experiences in his career.

Volunteer projects

A special feature of the cooperation between Andres Iniesta and SHBET is that they jointly carry out volunteer projects. To become a SHBET ambassador, Andres Iniesta agreed to participate and support in this house’s charity activities. The combination of entertainment and charity is a highlight in this cooperation.

Benefits of cooperation between Andres Iniesta and SHBET

Enhance the reliability and reputation of SHBET

Andres Iniesta is a very popular and prestigious name in the football world. By becoming SHBET’s ambassador, he will help increase the trust and reputation of this house in the eyes of customers. This means attracting many new customers and growing the market.

Expand and develop the market

With the combination of two famous names, SHBET can expand and develop the market more effectively. Andres Iniesta helped increase SHBET’s influence and attract many new customers from previously untapped areas.

Bringing new and diverse experiences to players

With the combination of entertainment and charity in the partnership between SHBET and Andres Iniesta, they can bring new and diverse experiences to players. Not only is it a reputable bookmaker, SHBET also wants to become a place where players can enjoy relaxing and meaningful moments.

Strengthening the influence of Andres Iniesta

By signing with SHBET, Andres Iniesta will have another place to show his influence. Besides representing SHBET, he will also participate in organizing this house’s football events, helping to increase his influence in the football world and inspire fans.

Activities of SHBET and Andres Iniesta

Organize football events

One of the main activities of SHBET and Andres Iniesta is organizing football events. Under the support of Andres Iniesta, SHBET will gain many new ideas and ideas in organizing these events, thereby bringing special experiences to customers.

Carry out volunteer projects

The cooperation between SHBET and Andres Iniesta is not simply about business, but also has charitable activities behind it. With the participation of Andres Iniesta, SHBET believes that these projects will attract a lot of attention and contribute to building a better community.

Support for other activities of SHBET

In addition to representing SHBET, Andres Iniesta was also asked to assist in other activities of this bookmaker. This means he can appear in SHBET’s advertisements or promotions, helping to strengthen the brand and attract many new customers.


By cooperating with Andres Iniesta, SHBET and OKVIP has demonstrated its determination and efforts in developing and expanding the market. This also shows the continuous development of the online entertainment industry and the important role of reputable ambassadors in building players’ trust and enjoyment.

The cooperation between SHBET and Andres Iniesta is a monumental step and marks the opening of online entertainment activities in Vietnam. Along with future plans and activities, we believe that this cooperation will bring much success and benefits to both sides, and help accelerate the development of the online entertainment industry in Vietnam. Vietnam.

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