7 Reasons Why High Net Worth Individuals Need to Consider Private Security

In today’s world, you don’t need to be a high-profile paparazzi magnet in order to meet the criteria to hire private security. If you have a high net worth, there’s a probability of you becoming a target at some point. Criminals are pretty astute and calculating when it comes to deciding whom to prey on.

If protecting your family and your home is a priority but you’re still unsure about hiring a private security team, we’ve got 7 reasons why you should. 

1.  Without private security you’re an easy target

This is pretty obvious. If you were looking to steal from someone, who would you choose—the people with private security, or the people without?

Effectively protecting your assets is something achieved through a myriad of ways—the best is by creating as many barriers between the outside world and your home. 

Do this well, and you make yourself very unappealing to criminals—most would rather get a real job than try to steal the fruits of yours.

2. Your peace of mind is priceless

You have enough on your mind already, thus creating peace of mind by solving potential problems is better for your overall well being.

No one should feel on edge or afraid when they’re in their own home, and having a private security team protecting you and your assets may be just what you need to sleep better at night, and have general peace of mind over all.

3. They can alert you early of any suspicious activity

You’re busy. You’re traveling, meeting with people, and aren’t there at your property all the time. And when you are, there are things to attend to. Which makes it easy to miss that suspicious car or person that’s passed by regularly for a few days now, scoping you out.

This is something private security guards are trained to spot. Any criminal hoping to make you a target is going to change their mind when they get a cold hard stare back from the ready and able guard you’ve hired…

4. They can conduct a risk assessment of your property

People who don’t make a living from crime can be pretty naïve when it comes to home security. They have no ideas of all the easy potential breaches a criminal can pick up on with one quick glance. Things like bushes right outside windows or second floor balconies that are easily scaled from the ground floor. Doggie doors leading into garages… There’s a lot of opportunity out in the open that a non-criminal minded person can easily miss.

Your security team will be able to not only be there to protect the property, they can also provide valuable insight into potential weak spots throughout the estate. Areas that may make your safe place mighty appealing to someone looking to break in.

Many private guards have law enforcement experience, or are trained by people in law enforcement. All of that first hand knowledge is key to ensuring you and your assets are secure.

5. Your family is protected

For those who travel a lot and frequently leave a spouse home with the kids, this may be the most important reason to hire private security. Their safety is your number one priority; you would do anything to keep them safe.

Of all the security measures you can put in place, hiring private security is the most effective.

6. Can provide protection when traveling

It’s a fact: high net worth individuals are often targeted when traveling.

You never know who’s watching. Who’s waiting for the right opportunity to catch you when you least expect it, and turn your life upside down.

Rather than be consumed by worry and paranoia—both while you’re at home and while you’re away—having a private security guard who travels with you is just what you need so you can fully focus on your priorities.

7. Private security firms uphold confidentiality and discretion

Most people are very protective of their privacy, and for good reason. When you’re a high-profile person or someone with a high net worth, it’s even more important to maintain a low profile.

Along with physical and asset protection, private security guards are discrete and adhere to strict confidentiality standards. Your secrets (if you have any) are safe with them.

While traveling with you, they blend in. They’re not decked out in Kevlar with earpieces and combat boots, drawing unnecessary attention to you when all you want to do is enjoy your burger and fries and answer a few quick emails at the airport lounge.


The trauma of suffering through a home invasion or the violation of having your belongings ransacked while you’re away is something most people wish they could erase from their mind. Hire private security, and you can virtually eliminate it from ever happening in the first place.  

When it comes to protecting your loved ones and home, it’s much better to have private security and not need them, than the other way around.

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